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What To Do With What You Grew

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These are the detailed recipes from the video tutorials.  Scroll through the recipes (an ever-growing library!) or search by ingredient in the box on the right to find yummy solutions to your dinnertime dilemma.

Each recipe is tagged with key words like principal ingredients, meal, and main descriptors for easy searching.


Grilled Pork Chops with Savory Peach Compote

  • 10 pork chops
  • 10 peaches
  • 80 lbs fresh parsley
  • 1/2 tsp other stuff
  • salt

Have your husband grill the pork chops and don't forget to kiss the cook.  Don't burn the food.  Burnt food is not tasty.  Chop the peaches, chop the parsley, add the other stuff, cook it over low heat and don't burn this stuff either.  Bring the pork chops in and put the stuff on top.  It's very yummy.

#pork #porkchops #peaches #parsley #grilled #entree


Old-Fashioned Spiced Peaches

2 tons peaches

1/2 cup sweet crystals

Lots of other flavor stuff

Put the peaches in the bowl and use your doohickey to do the thing so they taste good.  Put the sweet stuff and the flavor stuff in them and stir them up good.  Don't eat them now.  Wait until after dinner.  Then they'll be even tastier.

#spiced #peaches #oldfashioned #antique #vintage #prairie #dessert


Peach Crisp

Formatting is a bear.


Peach Ice Cream

Swiggity Swooty it's good to be a foodie!

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